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Jan. 2, 15
FineMolds - 1/700 & 1/350 Nano Dreads back in stock
Bronco Models 1/350 - Planes, Helicopters, LCAC & Vehicles back in stock
ModelArt magizines New & restock

Dec. 24, 14
NEW From Gwylan Models in 1/700
Evgeny Kocheshkov - Russian Navy Zubr Class LCAC

NEW 1/350 & 1/700 Yard Craft Decals

NEW from Alliance Modelworks in 1/700
New Buildings for USN & IJN
Railroad Round House and Train Station
IJN RR Engines & Passenger Cars
German RR Engines and Vehicles
US Navy Cranes and Floating Cranes
US RR Caboose, Coal Hoppers!!! 

In our BattleFleet Models Accessories Catalog.
New BFM Wooden Crates
Shed for Docks
Bollards for Docks

New AllianceModelWorks 1/700 Harbor Cranes
1/144 Steampunk Submarine
1/350 US Coast Guard Decals


We also carry products from these fine companies.




Peter Hall's Atlantic Models

Be sure to check out all the great builds in the "Kit Reviews & Builds by modelers" section

SS Pearl
by Jim Baumann

Click on photo to see more

USCGC Tamaroa 1991 by Roy Allen

Click on phot to see more

SS Pearl
by Peter Fulgoney

Click on photo to see more

Dr. Frank Spahr, builds the North Sea Trawler.

Click on photo to see more

Dr. Frank Spahr, builds the DKM Repair/Suppy Barge.
Click on photo to see more

Bob Cicconi, starts his build of the AK-23 Alchiba, in a Guadalcanal Dio.
More photos and a build report to follow.


David Bilek has finished his build. BFM-708A ATF-Fleet Ocean Tug as the ATF-68 Arapahoe!

Click on photo to see more.

Jim Baumann's finishes his Drumgeith build !
Click on photo to see more.
Christian Bruer has finished the Hog Islander.
Part 4 Text and Photos added 04/10/2009

Hog Islander @ Telford 2008 by Christian Bruer
Click on photo to see more

Mike McCabe,
builds the ATF-68 Arapahoe in her postwar guise:
The Argentinean Aviso Comandante General Zapiola!
Congratulation's Mike, for winning a silver metal for your ATF diorama at Telford 2007!!!

Mike McCabe's ATF. Click on picture to see more!

Peter Fulgoney's new C2 diorama
is finished.

Click on Peter Fulgoney's C2 Diorama to see more!

Jim Baumann's Hog Islander in USN port.
Silver metal Telford 2006.

Click on photo to see more

We at BATTLEFLEET MODELS are starting our new product line of 1/700 and 1/350 scale ships, auxiliary vessels, docks, and dock related items for you the ship modeler. Most of the kits come with photo etch brass.
 We hope to be bring out four new items a year. We will try to keep you informed of the new items we will have for sale.  We hope you'll find all the information you need on this site about the products we offer. We look forward to hearing from you.

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